Who are we?

We are a social rugby team based in Madrid that was founded in 1997 (for more on the history of the club, click here).

Even though we are mainly a social team we do take our rugby seriously, enjoy winning as much as any team and have, in recent seasons, been having a great deal of success in this area. We believe that even though we do not play in a league we have much to offer the Spanish game.

Madrid Lions R.F.C. welcomes anybody who would like to play, coach or ref rugby during their time in Madrid. Regardless of level or experience, any member who turns out for a game on a Saturday afternoon and is picked for the team is guaranteed some time on the pitch. The social aspect of the club is truly important and while we are competitive on the field, the “tercer tiempo” after the game is just as important as an opportunity to forge and maintain (over pints and “tapas”) the good relations we have with teams all over Spain and beyond. Just ask any Lion about the infamous third half’s down at Finnegan’s, our preferred and legendary watering hole for 20 years in downtown Madrid.

Due to the nature of our club we have a high player turnover, with some players just staying for a few months and others who can’t even remember when they moved here. While British expatriates are in the majority at present, the membership includes many French, Spaniards and other nationalities, it is an objective to maintain an international membership base as a distinguishing mark of the club. The club has fielded as many as 13 nationalities in the same match. We therefore welcome anybody from any country as we believe it gives our game a truly multicultural flavor, whilst highlighting the true rugby ethos. Since the club was founded we have had over 500 members and guests, young and old(er), from a nationality base representing all five continents!

The club also has a sizeable core of social members, many of them ladies, who support the team at matches and take part in the regular social events organized by the club. They are an essential part of it, with some of them very active on the club Committee.

As already said, every member takes playing for the Lions very seriously. However, one of the things that sets us apart for many of the guys who keep coming back year after year is that when they have a business trip, a wedding or anything else that might mean missing a game, the club is happy to accommodate this. We believe people should have a life outside the club, confident that there will be a place for them in the team when they return.

Another fundamental part of the Lions experience is the annual tour. Playing with the Lions you may find yourself playing anywhere and frightening the local population dressed as cowboys, sailors or musketeers. We are also lucky enough to be able to welcome touring sides from all over Europe which always guarantees an excellent “tercer tiempo” and helps us keep our ever expanding catalogue of rugby songs up to the minute. Although the “what happens on tour, stays on tour” rule is strictly enforced, you can find out a little more information in the How to join us ?and Touring Sides“sections.